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In Egypt the situation is still tense

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Muhammad Mursi support group does not stop protesting. The day after the tragedy at Tiananmen Rabiah Aladiwiyah and Nahda, the mass of the Muslim Brotherhood (IM) refused to repeat the action demontsrasi military coup. The once peaceful demonstrations voiced military ruthlessness.

Peace march started from Iman Mosque on the outskirts of Cairo Capital, Thursday (15/8) afternoon local time. "We will continue to voice of peace," said a spokesman for IM Gehad Haddad as reported by Al Jazeera, Thursday (15/8). Affirmed, a military coup had overthrown.

IM action this time by their defiance of a curfew. Since Wednesday (14/8), prohibits the military roam. But IM still stick with tents on the outskirts of the city. A curfew was imposed for one month. Approximately 2,200 people were killed in clashes and military supporters of Mursi, Wednesday (14/8). The amount is spread over 17 provinces. Number of injuries was recorded more than 20 thousand people.

But the interim government said the amount was excessive. Released military casualties totaled 525 people. This figure was increased from only dozens of people. The injured 3,576 people. "The amount is authorized. Including victims in Alexandria and elsewhere," said a spokesman for the Ministry of Health of Egypt, Khaled Khateeb, Thursday (15/8).

BBC News launched after the riots, the smell of the horror is still felt. Workers as lazy look clutter. Thursday (15/8) morning local time, the security forces into street sweeper because officers refuse to work. The soldiers unveil the rest of tents, sacks, wood, stones were burned. Soldier picking up various items.

Anadolu Agency reported, many burned bodies found in the tents. In Eman mosque, buildings in the riot, compassion does not stop. Since last night, the parents and the girls arrive. All mourn saw dozens of bodies must be buried.

Indonesian students hamdani Amran said, dozens of bundles shroud lined neatly on the floor. Most are marked with names, while others are either children or families who. IM supporters are still waiting for the victim's family for burial.

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