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Indonesia now has a Science Centre As In Singapore

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During the traveler went to Singapore to play in the Science Centre, now come to Jungleland in Sentul. This is the first in Indonesia Science Centre is ready for the holidays with a variety of science games.

"Today Jungleland start something new, we opened the exhibition Science Center.'s Cooperation with the Science Center in Singapore," said CEO Claudia Jungleland Ingkiriwang the media gathering, to detikTravel in Jungleland, Sentul Nirwana Region, Bogor, on Saturday (27 / 4/2013).

This is not a Science Center Exhibition real, but only a small exhibition for the socialization of the tools that will be there at the Science Center Jungleland. "It's only exhibition only. Their Science Center will be made on a land area of ​​6,000 square meters," said Claudia.

Later, go Claudia, all kinds of equipment in the Singapore Science Center Science Center at Jungleland. For amusement parks, Jungleland indeed accentuate Science Center. The desire to introduce science as science is fun so the main reason.

"Jungleland is something different. We combine something serious to be fun, we want to foster a love of children to science," said Claudia.

There are many props that can visitors see. The most prominent is the variety of robotic animals. Various robot animal with a spectacular display here, call it robot bats, rhinoceros, chameleon, giraffes, and robotic grasshopper.

The specialty of these robots is spectacular in size and have the exact same movement as the original. Not only that, visitors can also witness the simple explanation of the science of physics, biology and chemistry.

Even more exciting again, visitors can try out a game that uses science reasoning. Imagine the thrill when you can lift the ball without having to touch it.

Curious about how it works? So the traveler who comes will be installed in the tool head, then asked to think of moving objects in front.

Presto! Objects moving in front of you for sure. Apparently, the device mounted sensor captures existing nerve in your body.

If you want to enjoy the excitement directly to learn while playing, just come straight to Jungleland in Sentul Bogor Nirwana. Entry ticket price of Rp 75 thousand / person during the promotion period.

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