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Indonesia Travelers Would Get Free Visa to Japan Immediately

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visa japanAfter Thailand and Malaysia visa-free since July 2013, now turn to Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam will be free Visa Travel to Japan. It will be the Japanese parliament decided in June if everything goes smoothly. Japan coalition brewing the visa free proposal today, and it is expected there will be a decision in June. This was stated by the Japanese government sources.

This effort to increase the number of travelers to Japan, especially the Asian community. While Indonesian travelers to Japan just last year nearly 140,000 people. The number of tourists from Indonesia to Japan increased height. As of February 2014 the number rose to 31.7% compared to February last year. Number to 6,500 people during February 2014. While the number of Indonesian tourists during the year 2013 as many as 136 797 people or 34.8% rise compared to 2012. The Japanese government is targeting at least the number of tourists reached 20 million people before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

We also want to target Muslim tourists from Indonesia to be more and more go to Japan because many attractions can be enjoyed among Muslims in Japan and has been prepared by the Japanese tourism industry to welcome them.

Well, if the visa-free when passed to Japan in June 2014, at least three months later could be implemented. That means that in September, Indonesian travelers are able to freely enter Japan with easy to visit for a month (at least). We'll see hopefully it goes according to plan we would expect all, so the easier the communication between the two countries, Indonesia and Japan.


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