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Indonesian Government Plans to Move Capital of Jakarta

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The Government has set up a small team to investigate the transfer plan from the state capital of Indonesia Jakarta. However, the team still informal status that can not be announced to the public. Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is reluctant to announce plans in advance because often times the government plan is not well taken. Unknown towns option that will be studied as the new capital of the future.

Presidential spokesman Julian Aldrin Pasha said that until now the discourse is not an option until the cities that are considered worthy to be the capital. The government does not want to rush moved the capital just because one issue, such as jamming or flooding. " The transfer of the capital not only consider the traffic conditions and the Jakarta floods during the rainy season. Other places may be free of flooding but not necessarily free of other problems. This is a consideration that the transfer of the capital to avoid the problem is not solved then a new problem arises, " said a spokesman for the president, Julian Aldrin Pasha, at the State Palace, Jakarta, Tuesday ( 10/09/2013 ).

Regarding the informal team formed by the government, Julian said, because the informal status of the team does not need to be published in order to focus on work. "When talking about anything further, not so informal again, later works do not focus anymore, " said Julian.

As given earlier, during a press conference at Hotel Grand Emerald, St. Petersburg, Russia, Saturday ( 07/09/2013 ) morning at 10.00 local time, the President said, if indeed we are economically strong, growth, gross domestic product ( GDP ), per capita income, then if there is no good solution to overcome the problems of Jakarta, and there is an urgency that can not be delayed any longer, not to be mistaken if we think of a place that we build a new government center. " If there is no exact solution to overcome the problems of Jakarta and there was immediate interest, is not wrong if it thinks building a new government center, " he said.

President gives examples of countries that have separated the central government with economic centers, such as Turkey, Australia, and Malaysia, and there are many other examples. " Sure there are pluses and minuses. If later we thought to build a new government center, we make sure that Jakarta is much better, and the new government center also can function effectively, " he said .

He then pointed to the example cities Putra Jaya in Selangor, Malaysia is the center of government, while the city of Kuala Lumpur is still able to function properly. But admittedly SBY, removal of the state capital, Jakarta is no exception, of course, requires no small cost. Both the economic cost, and perhaps also political costs, social costs, and so on. For that, the President, we need to study the success of other countries in moving the country's capital.




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