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Indonesian Hackers Attack Australia Websites

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A hacker group calling itself Anonymous wrote on Twitter Indonesia list of more than 100 Australian website was hijacked this group. The group claimed to have done this action in response to a report by the Australian wiretapping activities.
The websites were defaced and displays the message “Stop Spying on Indonesia ". Most sites were hacked was the site of the business activities of the lower class Australia and allegedly randomly selected.
Previously reported, the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, the government utilized the land of kangaroos for spying Indonesia. Sidney Morning Herald reported the Australian embassies in Asia also became part of the U.S. operation.
This news makes Indonesia furious. Australian Ambassador to Indonesia on Friday, November 1, was summoned to the Foreign Ministry to explain the issue. China reportedly also demanded an explanation from the United States for the actions of the Australian Embassy.
Meanwhile, in the Philippines, Philippines group called Anonymous said it had hacked Facebook through sites owned by the Philippine government with a message to rally support against the abolition of the “pork barrel funds “. The definition “is a political patron.
In these sites, there is a message reads, “We apologize for the inconvenience . Yet this our easiest steps to convey to you, brothers and sisters who are tired of the violence and democracy is wrong, tired with the government and the politicians who only think of themselves. "
Scandalous misuse of public money by policymakers to be the biggest crisis of President Benigno Aquino during three years. It is contaminating the image that has been built Aquino as the eradication of corruption and economic reform.
Sites owned by national and local governments as well as the site for the Philippine Embassy Seoul were also hacked.
Two weeks ago, a video was uploaded on the Internet by someone who claimed part of Anonymous threatens paralyze key infrastructure in Singapore. This action is a protest against the new law on their site.
A pro - government blog belongs to the Straits Times newspaper was hacked on Friday morning last week. For a moment, there is a statement of protest about how the daily reported hacks threat. The paper reported the case to police.

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