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Indonesian President Stop Military Cooperation With Australia, Because the Tapping

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One of the three threats by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) to Australia is to stop cooperation in the military field. It was announced by Yudhoyono in a press conference at the office of the president, addressing the issue of wiretaps conducted against him and Australian intelligence officials in Indonesia.

"I also have stopped, joint exercises between the Indonesian army and Australia, both of the Army, Navy, and Air Force, as well as exercises that are combined , " said SBY.

Nevertheless, the number one in Indonesia that explains, if Australia wants to maintain good relations with Indonesia in the future. He claimed to still be waiting for an official explanation from Australia. Therefore, tonight President announces plans to send an official letter to Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot. “The Government of Indonesia and Australia are obliged resolve this issue. I will send a letter, and we'll see what we can do going forward later.

President also explained that some other agenda at work that will also be reviewed cooperation is the exchange of information and intelligence between the two countries, and the handling of human smuggling

Keep in mind, the current military cooperation between the two countries is still running. Air Force still hold joint military exercises between Australia and Indonesia involving fighter jets two countries, Tuesday (19/11) and then, in Darwin, Northern Territory.

Approximately 200 soldiers from both countries took part in the exercise codenamed Eagle AUSINDO. Meanwhile, the Army Special Forces also regularly hold joint exercises with the Australian Special Air Service Regiment. Police also often practice with anti-terror police handling the kangaroo country.




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