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Inhaling Fresh Air Mountains of China

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Air pollution which dominated the skies of China makes its residents desperate to get clean and fresh air. Views of people who move using masks become commonplace. 

Therefore, when a private company managing Laojun Mountain Nature Reserve, a natural mountainous area in the province of Heinan, offers clean air campaign, thousands of Chinese marched straight line. 

Clean air campaign was part of a promotional program Laojun Mountain Nature Reserve. Nevertheless, the campaign is not spiced empty. Mountains Laojun it is one area that is free of pollution in China. The air is clean and fresh distinctive mountains. Filled with oxygen-rich green trees.

For residents who missed the fresh air, the staff Laojun Mountain Nature Reserve "mine" the air in plastic bags and cans. There are more than 2000 cans and 40 large air pockets that were given to people of Zhengzhou, one of the cities with the worst air pollution in China. 

Not only clean air, Laojun Mountain Nature Reserve is also famous for its spectacular natural scenery. In addition, the 2,217-meter high mountain is also the final resting place for Lao Tzu, founder of Taoism teachings. 

At the peak Laojun, Temple stands Laojun three pavilions surrounded by beautiful named Jin Dian, Liang Bao Tai and Yu Huang Ding, who often perpetuated the photographers of the world.

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