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Interesting Facts Tourism in Bali

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Bali is often considered a haven for local and foreign tourists. The island is also called a living god does have alluring natural beauty. The society was friendly, very thick cultural, and culinary tempting. Reported pages Lovely Planet, following the best experience you can get when visiting Bali.

1. Culture Festival

One of the highlights in Bali is a cultural festivals and religious ceremonies, artsy, and full of meaning. The ceremony is almost done every day. While enjoying a coffee in the cafe, you can see a group of people with traditional clothes that bring the coffers of the offerings at the top of the head, wearing a barong mask, and various other attributes. Scenery that can not be obtained elsewhere.

2. Dance of Bali

Amazing to see how people contort his body to dance. The most famous dance is the Legong. Local people spent many years for smooth movement eyeballs to his toes.

3. Sensation spa

Either just to refresh your body or find rest, Bali travelers always took a visit to the spa. The spa sensation is different from a regular salons. Using ingredients and spices while enjoying open views.

4. Best Lodging

As the island respect the art and tranquility, lodging in Bali are built with artful architecture that has star hotel facilities. Another option homestay. Many families who provide some simple rooms for tourists. Although the facilities that you get a very simple, you can feel the atmosphere of the intimate kinship. Culture as well as learn from them.

5. Balinese food

The food in Bali is rich in herbs and aromatic spices that inspires a sense. Likewise, the traditional way of presentation.

6. Crafts

If you to Bali, it would be perfect if not bring handicrafts made the original inhabitants. Carvings, masks, woven fabric, fan, accessory beads, or other. Almost in all the way in Bali there are stalls selling handicrafts.

7. Ubud

Popularity this area second only to Kuta. Ubud is also known as the heart of Bali's art that exudes spiritual appeal. The streets filled with galleries, where artists from different generations show off the work. Not to mention the art show at night and the Museum which houses artifacts. Ubud also presents a perfect view of the rice terraces. Green scenery is often chosen as the best yoga spot.

8. gamelan accompaniment

Want to enjoy the real Bali, come to places that serve gamelan orchestra. Traditional music is most appropriate to dispose of fatigue.

9. Water activities

Bored to enjoy the frenetic Bali, you can wander into the sea. Diving and snorkeling. Many promising spot underwater beauty of the park. Tulamben, Padang Bai, Nusa Lembongan, Tanjung Benoa, and others. Or if you want a more challenging water sports, try surfing.

10. Beach

Bali surrounded by white sand beaches. You can enjoy the tropical atmosphere with limestone cliffs towering. Some beaches also opened a private beach which is only accessible by certain requirements.

11. Seafood
Enjoy seafood dishes at the beach bersunset also an easy way tasted Bali. The seafood is indeed a mainstay to be presented to the tourists. Not just on the edge of the beach, you can find it on the roadside.

12. Seminyak
Referred to as the central Seminyak Bali luxury. You'll find designer boutiques owned locally, most eclectic and interesting collection of restaurants, as well as a small boutique hotel, also cozy cafes.

13. Uluwatu temple
One of the most sacred temple in Bali is Pura Ulu Watu. Perched on a high cliff in the southwest corner of the island. In the 11th century, a Javanese priest prayed here, and since then also this hallowed place. All around you can still find the green landscape with the monkeys that roam tempting.

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