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Internet in Indonesia is Very Slow

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Development of telecommunication networks based channel width fiber optic cable has been launched since 1996 through the archipelago Program 21. However, the program was halted before it entered the 21st century.

Policies are not consistent, and Indonesia is now lagging behind in telecommunications services in the ASEAN region as well as the gaps are still facing the problem of information and communication services.

According Setyanto P Santosa, Chairman of the Indonesian Telecommunications Society, the country's declining position of first place in the 1970s and 1980s to under four countries, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

In a press conference earlier this week about the plan of holding the ASEAN Chief Information Officer II Forum to be held in Jakarta in June, Setyanto said, in the provision of telecommunications services, Indonesia relies on a wireless network, the cellular and satellite systems. In fact, this type of lower telecommunication infrastructure in terms of quality and speed of delivery of the signal compared to fiber-optic cable connections.

Telecommunications network in Indonesia, said the former President Director of PT Telkom Indonesia, 95 percent in the form of a wireless telecommunications with poor connection quality. "By this means, a bad voice communication, let alone data, images, and video," said Setyanto.

Supposedly, according to him, Indonesia following the trend of development is happening in the world of telecommunications. Telecommunications services in developed countries, 60 percent use optical fiber cables. The technology has several advantages, such uninterrupted, high-speed and high-capacity.

Telecommunications service issues will be one of the discussion in the forum. In addition, there will also be discussed about the implementation of the operating system (platform) which will be used in the ASEAN region.

In this case the program will be further discussed ASEAN Go Open Source, which had launched a few years ago, said Head of Information and Communication Technology Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology Hammam Riza.

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