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IPhone In China Is Not Very Popular

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In China, the iPhone is now smart phones are not as popular as in previous years. Consumers in this country seems to be turning to cheaper products, one of which is Samsung.

Apple announced earlier this week, revenue in China dropped 14 percent compared to last year, or to around U $ D 4.6 billion. Meanwhile, in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the iPhone runs slower growth. The rate of decline to be the worst for the iPhone is sold in the three regions, or as a whole fell by 43 percent compared to the first quarter.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said the decline in sales in mainland China, has not been the end of their markets in the region. "I still believe we have a great time here, China provides a huge opportunity for Apple," he said.

The China Daily reported analysts' predictions on weak sales of the iPhone in the bamboo curtain country. "IPhone 5 less popular than its predecessor, the iPhone 4S," said IDC analyst research institute, James Yan. He said the popularity of the iPhone 5 has been lost during the period of the first 100 days of its release in China.

iPhone 5 also had to face stiff competition with the Samsung Galaxy. Even these products also have to compete with HTC and other Chinese local brands. Even now a number of Chinese mobile service providers, along with the iPhone subsidies cut economic crisis in China.

Globally, iPhone sales growing since 2007. But in 2013, Apple's sales decreased significantly.

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