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Jatiluwih Register To Be A List Of UNESCO

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MBA Bali Tours - Rice terrace fileds

Jatiluwih is a natural tourist attraction that is attractive because it has beautiful natural scenery. Is located in District Penebel Jatiluwih, Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia. Jatiluwih consist of Jati and Luwih word, which means it is absolutely beautiful. Jatiluwih with the background of Mount Batukaru, situated at an altitude of 700 m above sea level and the air is cool and the atmosphere is comfortable. Most of the area is made up of terraced rice fields or terraces or terraced, so known by terraced rice fields of Bali. This terraced paddy field system has made Jatiluwih nominated in the list of UNESCO World Heritage as a world cultural heritage. Jatiluwih is the best location to see the beauty of the rice terraces in Bali.
To irrigate the fields of ± 636 acres in this Jatiluwih, it is used Subak irrigation system, ie watering or irrigation system that is based on the traditional Balinese society.
Jatiluwih natural attractions is visited by domestic and foreign tourists to enjoy the natural beauty, cool air and feel the rural atmosphere that feels very peaceful. Vast verdant paddy fields is a natural tourist attraction beautiful, which can be found in Jatiluwih.
Besides Jatiluwih, Tabanan also has other interesting sights, among them: Tanah Lot, Bedugul, Puputan Margarana, Parks Butterfly (Butterfly Park) and other tourist attractions. Tabanan regency is also known as an agricultural area and is the rice granary island of Bali.

To be able to enjoy a whole day tour in Bali, it is useful in addition to Jatiluwih also other tourist place. The tour schedule can be planned as follows:
Starting from Denpasar, Bedugul, fork in Pacung village, Jatiluwih, Tabanan Yeh Panes, Monument Subak, Alas Kedaton, Tanah Lot latter to enjoy the beauty of Sunset in the afternoon with scenery so beautiful.

What can be done Travelers In Jatiluwih?
Jatiluwih, tourists can perform activities or trekking activities while enjoying the natural atmosphere Jatiluwih that is still natural and community activities which saw almost a full day paddy fields.
Travelers can also enjoy cultural attractions ways to grow rice starting from agricultural processes and mapag Toya, ngendag, tilling the soil, planting rice, mebiyukukung and until the rice harvest. Interestingly, still retained as well as the local rice cultivation is still using organic fertilizers.
At every 210 days on Wednesday,  tourists can see petoyan ceremony held at Temple Petali by holding dances are sacred dances are short Wali.

Facilities Available
In the area of ​​Jatiluwih available wantilan for a place to rest, Bale Bengong, restaurant, shop, toilets and parking lots.

Distance To Jatiluwih
Distance from Denpasar to Jatiluwih ± 48 km, is located at the northern location Tabanan City (± 28 km from the city of Tabanan).

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