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Jesus Christ Statue in Tana Toraja

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Giant-sized statue of Jesus Christ is built on the top of Buntu Hill Burake, Tana Toraja made of bronze, from toe to head sculptures are all made of bronze castings.

A giant statue of Jesus Christ is still done in Yogyakarta. Once completed, the statue will be immediately sent to Tana Toraja in the form of pieces, then assembled into a statue of Jesus Christ Bless.

Budget-making giant statue of Jesus Christ was reached Rp22 billion. Similarly, the foundation place of establishment of the statue, this year has entered the final stages of construction.

The first stage of construction of the runway statue form the basic foundation began working in 2013 and swallowed a budget of around 1.9 billion. Then, the construction of the runway sculpture continued in 2014 with a budget of 3.8 billion.

High substructure or foundation of the statue as high as 17 and 23 meters. Thus, the overall height of the statue from the bottom up to the top end of the building reaches 40 meters. A giant statue of Jesus Christ, it will stand firmly at the top of Buntu Hill Burake which is about 1,100 meters above sea level

Giant-sized statue of Jesus Christ that will be unveiled to coincide with the Anniversary of Tana Toraja, on August 31, 2015. The statue is claimed to be the world's tallest statue of Jesus it would be a tourism icon Toraja. The existence of a giant statue of Jesus Christ at the Top Buntu Hill Burake it is believed to be one of the golden bridge Toraja tourism revival.

Buntu Hill peak Burake a statue of Jesus stands will be the area of ​​religious tourism that is able to attract as many tourists visit in Tana Toraja. Tourists visiting Tana Toraja have many options for day trips.

Therefore, Toraja tourism is no longer monotonous with cultural tourism, but also nature and religion. Moreover, Toraja soon have international airports. Thus, Tana Toraja become the second tourist destination in Indonesia after Bali.


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