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Jimbaran Beach Attractions

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Jimbaran and The Bukit Peninsula were once very quiet areas with a small population and were considered to be underdeveloped and left out. However, since rumours about their beautiful beaches and nature-carved cliffs spread among surfers and hippies, Jimbaran and The Bukit became very popular among tourists looking for a private break, away from the city rush.

One of the most famous tourist destinations is the Uluwatu temple, a cliff-edge temple high above the sea. Another place you shouldn't miss is Jimbaran bay which is only a 15-minute drive from the airport. A former fish market, it has been transformed into a beachside open-air eatery with almost 40 restaurants along the shoreline.

If you are a water sports enthusiast, The Bukit has more excellent beaches than any other area in Bali, such as New Kuta beach (formerly known as Dreamland Beach), Padang-Padang, Bingin and Suluban or Uluwatu.

Bingin Beach

Located just one kilometre from Dreamland along the shore but 10 kilometres by road, Bingin is not recommended for novice surfers due to its reef bed. Like Dreamland, this beach is loaded with surfaris from around the world between May and October, but its pristine beach makes Bingin more appealing for non-water activities than Dreamland.


Dreamland Beach

Dreamland Beach was one of the Bukit’s most secluded areas for years until a property developer decided to open the 400 hectares around the beach to the public, in the form of residences, a golf course, an international school, a hospital, an upper-class resort and a brand new name.

New Kuta Beach has lost much of its rugged charm since its commercial development but still has some of the best reef breaks and tends to get very busy during May to October with a series of surf meets. To avoid the crowds, try not to visit Dreamland Beach during Indonesian holidays like the June/July school break, Ramadan, Christmas and New Year.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Monument

Garuda Wisnu KencanaPrior to its recent incarnation, the Garuda Wisnu Kencana (commonly known as GWK) monument was an abandoned limestone excavation which was no longer used by locals. Today the GWK can be compared to Thailand's Sleeping Buddha or the Giant Buddha in Hong Kong.

Aside from the beautifully carved limestone cliff surrounding the monument, GWK also has various facilities, from restaurants to an amphitheatre where occasional performances take place. Please make sure to visit GWK at dusk to catch its dramatic panorama when the sunset cuts through the limestone carved wall.

Jimbaran Bay Traditional Fish Market

Jimbaran Bay Traditional Fish Market

Located just a few hundred metres south of Bali International Airport, this traditional fish market is undoubtedly the biggest saltwater fish market in Bali. You can find almost any saltwater fish from the popular red snapper to the rare mahi-mahi. If you’re staying in a villa and are dying to have your own seafood bash, this excellent spread of fresh fish is something you shouldn’t miss.

Location: Just south of the airport and Kuta

Padang Padang Beach

Another world-class reef-break three kilometres southwest from Bingin, the best waves at Padang Padang happen early in the morning during the dry season. To reach its exotic location, you have to clamber down a pathway between a collapsed rock and a slanted cliff - surely an adventure one must try. Since it’s just a short distance between these beaches, you can visit the three of them in a day.

Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu is one of nine main temples in Bali, which according to Balinese Hinduism were built to guard the land from southward threats. Its cliff-edge exotic location has made Uluwatu Temple famous and sunset here is truly monumental. Uluwatu Temple is also home to dozens of monkeys - some even consider them sacred.

Location: 45 minutes from Nusa Dua




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