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Kecak Dance and Sunset in Uluwatu Temple

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kecak and fire danceKecak Dance and sunset are two things that should travelers see when on holiday to Bali. In the Uluwatu Temple, Badung, Bali southern part, you can see the beauty of motion Kecak Dance with a beautiful sunset background. Perfect!

The charm of Bali is famous all over the world. No wonder that Bali offers many vacation experiences, from nature to culture. One of them is the famous Kecak Dance.

It is no doubt that Bali is rich in both natural and cultural travel is already very well known. One is the Kecak Dance. Kecak dance is a dance performed by many men.

In unison they chanted "cak cak cak cak". This dance tells the story of an ape aid that helped Rama fight Ravana. Although not using the music, each player uses rattles on foot. Thus, when the leg snapped as when dancing will create a harmonious sound.

Not infrequently, the dancers were costumed Rama, Ravana, Hanuman intentionally or running around the audience. This is done to liven things up. But still, the magical elements Kecak still felt, when reading the tribal rituals and the players possessed. Exciting!

Kecak dance performed during the afternoon or at Uluwatu Temple. This temple is located at Pecatu Village, Kuta district, Badung, Bali's southern part.

Before witnessing the beauty of motion Kecak Dance, tourists can go around destinations around Uluwatu. There was Dreamland Beach and Garuda Wisnu Kencana. When evening comes, then you are headed to Uluwatu to see the Kecak Dance.

While waiting for the Kecak dance begins, travelers can enjoy the Pura Uluwatu. You must be vigilant! Note the luggage easily dislodged. On the road to Temple and Kecak Dance venue, there are monkeys sometimes fun taking the belongings of tourists.

It is showtime Kecak Dance begins. Travelers can enjoy the beautiful movement and a magical atmosphere Kecak Dance, the background as the sun continues to fall into the ocean. A perfect beauty!




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