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Korean Artist Makes Amazing Sculptures From Scrap Tires

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What is your idea to recycle used items into objects of art worth? Making plastic bottles of mineral water to the pot or newsprint paper flowers as decoration? This one artist has a way to utilize the unused junk as an art medium. Yong Ho Ji, a South Korean artist juggling tires which he collected into black statues looking great.

According to Twisted Sifter, a young artist who pocketed a bachelor's degree from the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture at Hongik University, Seoul, and a Master of Fine Arts from New York University, New York is changing the old tires in a variety of sizes and patterns into extraordinary works of art. Ranging from sculptures of animals, humans, to a hybrid between human and animal or two animals at once, everything is absolutely amazing. Yong Ho Ji created works based on the artist's favorite of the 'mutants'. That's why his sculptures generally have an odd shape between two different animal species.

According to Ryu Seung Han, assistant curator at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, South Korea, the forms of animals Yong Ho Ji made ​​made ​​generally realistic and smooth, although when viewed up close from the rough texture used tires still apparent. But that's where the value of beauty caught.

Now black sculptures rubber Yong Ho Ji belongs permanently exhibited at the Contemporary Art Foundation, Museum of Fine Arts, Seoul.

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