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Lake Kaco: Crystal Clear Water, Sparkling when Darkness

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Kaco Lake

There was a story that a beautiful princess wants to groom by many young men, without a doubt they entrusted precious stones to the King Crow, fathers of the princess. However, greed makes King Crow disfiguring his own daughter. After that, the daughter was buried into the lake along with the proposal treasure.

That is just a myth, but the beauty of Lake Kaco is not a mirage. This lake is located in the Sempur Village, Kerinci District, Jambi Province and under the auspices of the Kerinci National Park. Anyone can reach out the location and touch the water. Kaco Lake at an altitude of 1289 m above sea level and not so huge as many huge lake in this country. Kaco lakes only has an area of approximately 30 x 30 meters, but that makes it unique is the blue color that contrasts with the color around the lake. In addition, this lake has a depth that is not known for sure. Although the depth of the water is still a mystery, this lake is very clear and you can still see thousands semah fish in it.

Lake Kaco also like has a miracle that emit bright light when darkness was, especially when the full moon appears. Many visitors choose camped in here when the Full Moon. Many researchers have tried to examine scientifically the phenomenon of Kaco lake. However, both the depth of the lake and the blue color elements that enveloped the lake is still a mystery. The oxygen tank was depleted when the diver has not touched bottom of the lake.

Of course, the road to the heaven is not easy. Forget asphalt or town streets in the city center. It takes sacrifice to see this natural wonders. Tired and sore in the legs will be neglected, while the blue waters of the lake was in sight. So crystal clear water, Mahseer fish, the endemic fish of Kerinci, clearly visible swimming on the surface of the lake. The water is so clear like glass, didn't be surprised if the locals people call it Kaco lake, or Glass lake in Indonesian.

During a trip through the forest to see this beautiful lake, the sound of insects and birds will accompany, butterfly flying, bamboo forests were also bypassed. When you see the red fruit that looks like a flower, pick and eat while fresh. That is a Keruduk fruit that has similar taste like guava.

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