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Learning Art Khas Indonesia in Bali

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Bali is so famous for its beautiful beaches, Bali is also known to have an artistic culture. No matter where you go in Bali, you can see traces of culture is full of art, ranging ornaments in the temple until the offerings placed at the edge of the road. Therefore, there is no more suitable place to learn the arts of Bali Indonesian specialties. Here are a few art classes in Bali.

Batik Class

Batik Indonesia encompasses a complex process in using wax and paint on fabric. In Ubud, precisely Museum Puri Paintings, tourists can take a short course of batik painting. The course starts from defining the image to be created, make a pattern, then paint wax on the fabric. All equipment is provided, visitors are also provided lunch Balinese, and freely browse the museum that contains a collection of contemporary art.

Making silver Class

Learn to shape, sculpt, create your own ring or pendant silver in Studio Perak, one of the most popular silver shop in Ubud. You will be taught how to form silver jewelry that has been preheated. The course lasts half a day silver with silver weighing 5 grams to set up as you like.

Textile weaving Class

Indonesia has many kinds of fabrics. To learn more, visit the Threads of Life, a nonprofit community in Ubud are trying to revive the traditional Indonesian weaving. Here you will be taught about the history of various types of woven Indonesia and try to make your own fabric woven with the tools that have been provided.

Painting class

All novice painters are allowed to take classes at the Art Gallery Pranato in Ubud. You can join Pranato Australian and his wife, Kerry, in the paint during the three-hour sessions, twice a week. Pranato art galleries also feature art results Indonesian artists and international artists.

Ceramic Class

Curious to create their own ceramic furniture from clay like in the movies? visit Sari Api Ceramic Studio, on the outskirts of Ubud. This ceramic studio semicircular open space and managed by Swiss expats.

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