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List of Visa Free 90 Cntries Visit to Indonesia That would apply in the End of 2015ou

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To improve relations with other countries, the Government has made it easier for foreign nationals from 90 countries (previously 45 countries), to enter Indonesia without having to have a visa in order to visit including tours. It has been stipulated in Presidential Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 104 of 2015 on the Amendment of Presidential Decree  No. 69 Year 2015 regarding Visa Free visits.

As mentioned in the regulation, certain foreign nationals may enter and exit the territory of Indonesia through certain immigration checkpoints both seaports, airports, border crossings or other areas as places in and out of Indonesia for free.

The foreigner who is exempted from the obligation to have a visa if the visit of the governmental, educational, social, cultural, tourist, business, family, or stop by to continue traveling to other countries. Granted permission for them no longer than 30 days and the period of validity can not be extended or converted into any other residence permit.

According to Minister of Tourism, increasing the number of visa-free countries are planned next year. However, the plan accelerated as deregulation undertaken in the policy package launched September 1 the Government.

Results of the evaluation that the implementation of the visa-free first phase are applied to the 45 countries proved to increase tourist arrivals from 30 countries by 19%. This is very encouraging because in other Asean countries in the region such as Singapore and Malaysia, tourist arrivals is decreasing. Granting visa-free visit, expected to be the main driving forces to boost the performance of the tourism sector in Indonesia, including one capable of bringing foreign tourists to 20 million per year by 2019.

List of Visa Free 90 Cntries Visit to Indonesia

  1. south Africa
  2. Algeria
  3. United States of America
  4. Angola
  5. Argentina
  6. Austria
  7. Azerbaijan
  8. Bahrain,
  9. Netherlands
  10. Belarus
  11. Belgium
  12. Bulgaria
  13. Czech
  14. Denmark
  15. Dominican
  16. Estonia
  17. Fiji
  18. Finland
  19. Ghana
  20. Hungary
  21. India
  22. English
  23. Ireland
  24. Iceland
  25. Italy
  26. Japan
  27. Germany
  28. Canada
  29. Kazakhstan
  30. Kyrgyzstan
  31. Croatia
  32. South Korea
  33. Kuwait
  34. Latvia
  35. Lebanon
  36. Liechtenstein
  37. Lithuanian
  38. Luxemburg
  39. Maldives
  40. Malta
  41. Mexico
  42. Egypt
  43. Monaco
  44. Norway
  45. Oman
  46. Panama
  47. Papua New Guinea
  48. France
  49. Polish
  50. Portugal
  51. Qatar
  52. Republic of China
  53. Romania
  54. Russia
  55. San Marino
  56. Saudi Arabia
  57. New Zealand
  58.     Seychelles
  59.     Cyprus
  60.     Slovakia
  61.     Slovenia
  62.     Spain
  63.     Suriname
  64.     Sweden
  65.     Switzerland
  66.     Taiwam
  67.     Tanzania
  68.     Timor Leste
  69.     Tunisian
  70.     Turkey
  71.     United Arab Emirates
  72.     Vatican
  73.     Venezuela
  74.     Jordan
  75.     Greece

The above list complements the 15 countries SAR (Special Administrative Region) who have obtained free Visa beforehand:

  1.     Thailand
  2.     Malaysia
  3.     Singapore
  4.     Brunei Darussalam
  5.     Philippines
  6.     Cambodia
  7.     Laos
  8.     Myanmar
  9.     Vietnam
  10.     Hong Kong SAR (Special Administrative Region)
  11.     Macau SAR (Special Administrative Region)
  12.     Chile
  13.     Morocco
  14.     Peru
  15.     Ecuador




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