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Love Valley in Turkey

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Tourists flock to visit attractions in Turkey, dubbed "Love Valley" or the Valley of Love. When along the famous Cappadocia region with a hot air balloon, tourists can see various rock pillars shaped like a phallus. Formation big phallus is formed naturally by erosion of volcanic rocks. 
The number of tourists visiting Cappadocia region reached a record 1 million last year, according to tourist officials who have been monitoring the increasing tourist interest in eastern Anatolia, Central Turkey, the last few years.

Although the shape can make people laugh or look away, the stones are the result of an ancient volcanic eruption approximately 9 to 3 million years ago during the late Miocene to Pliocene. Volcanic eruptions covering the region with thick ash solidified into soft rock several meters thick. 

Wind and water erosion that caused the rocks that form the landscape in cone, pillar, pinnacle, mushroom, and the chimney is unusual. Some of these stones could even reach as high as 130 feet (40 meters).

Every morning before sunrise, hundreds of air balloons rise into the sky above Cappadocia. Each balloon carrying about a dozen passengers, floating above and around the beautiful rock formations. 

Cappadocia is now regarded as one of the most popular destinations of air balloons in the world. Cappadocia, or "Kapadokya" in Turkish, translated as' "the land of beautiful horses" and tourists often see at a glance a long haired horses running in the region.

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