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Lovely December VIII in Tana Toraja

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Lovely December annual event was held again in North Toraja, South Sulawesi, on November 9, 2015, with the theme "Toraja Goes to the World Cultural Heritage".

Lovely December began with the North Toraja cruising activities by bicycle, then run organized mass tourism, travel writing Toraja through a blog website, fairs and festivals, culinary Toraja, attractions folk games and cultural arts festival folk songs and traditional ceremonies Rambu Solok.

The beauty of Toraja have many invites tourists to visit the cemetery where famous with Rambu Solok and Ma-Nene corpse ceremony that lasted three years once. Toraja people believe that customs should always be maintained, because otherwise it can complicate the lives of those that have been built since the time of the ancestors.

Lovely December activity is one of the government programs aimed at the promotion of tourism and increase tourist visits to Tana Toraja, as well as parts to welcome Christmas Day for the Toraja people who are predominantly Christian. This annual event takes place throughout the month of December 2015 in cooperation with the Provincial Government of South Sulawesi and the district government related.

Toraja is one of the conservation of cultural civilization Proto Malay Austronesian still maintained until now, so the Indonesian government filed tourist areas in South Sulawesi to UNESCO to be a world heritage site since 2009. The key concept is "The Preserving The Welfare".

When you go to Tana Toraja highlands then be prepared fascinated stunning natural beauty. At the same time there is the attractiveness of the community have maintained their traditions and beliefs in the eternal cycle of life and death on Earth.

Famous Toraja funeral rites that can last for days involving the entire village. Not only at the time of mourning but also for entertainment and brotherhood existing communities.

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