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Luxury Bamboo House In Ubud

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Being in a dense forest in Ubud, Bali, bamboo house eighteen feet. These houses look luxurious with a spiral staircase as a bridge that connects the river to the house door. Again, all the material of bamboo.

This exclusive residence designed by Elora Hardy. He wants to prove, that simplest of materials can be used to create amazing architecture building. For him, there is no need to get excessive compromise modern comforts.

Overall the house using local bamboo, which is then processed durable. To coat the inside of the wall, Hardy uses a banana leaf paper. While the aluminum sheet used to coat the roof of the house.

Named Green Village, the village has attracted buyers from all over the world. For each house sold between £300,000 or about 5 billion and £1.2 million or about Rp23 , 7 billion. This price is comparable to that obtained in comfort and luxury.

Coupled with a view of beautiful tropical rainforest. Despite living in the jungle, no need to feel isolated. Because the village is equipped with electricity.

The idea to create luxury homes from bamboo, Hardy obtained from schools built his father, John, in 2006. Same with the house, which he founded, the school called the Green School is also made ​​of bamboo.

" Green Village has redefined the potential of natural ingredients that can be used sustainably. This is the place, where people reconnect with nature, "

Hardy assured, that houses made ​​of bamboo which is able to last a lifetime. This could be evidence of human ingenuity and innovation in the future.

" A lot of people think, bamboo is cheap tool to build small houses. Theory we showed that bamboo can also be used to create a large and luxurious house.

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