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Memorable Trip In Bali

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My name is Anders Kongstad from Aarhus, Denmark. My occupation is an diary keeper. It was a really pleasant chance in which I can travel to Bali for the 2nd time. Bali afforded memorable story for me as a traveller. My 1st time got to here, was an normal vacation about April 2014. When my second visited, was November 2014 on the WAN-IFRA World Young Reader Summit in Nusa Dua. Bali is never uninterested. The argue I love Bali because of a lot of things. First I love the Balinese culture. It's really exotic compared to the Danish culture and I specially love altogether the dance rituals. E.g., While the WAN-IFRA event, I and another delegates had a opportunity to see Bali TV, among the company from Bali Post Group. At that place, we were welcome from a lot of Balinese cultural dancings. Those were Pendet Dance, the collaborationism of Kecak and Fire Dance. The most exciting was Joged Bumbung dancing. At that moment, WAN-IFRA Delegates can join the dancing on the stage. I can not say, what an lovely and good the dancing is! I enjoy watching out it, but the history behind the dance rituals is even as exciting.

The second reason out why I love Bali as from the people. They're really friendly, really calm and very broad-minded. My opinion is that the locals are all of the time wishing to serve and afford insider-tips to visitors and normally. I feeling very welcome whenever I visit Bali. I also love the island. I had just traveled to Bali and Gili Trawangan, Lombok, but as far as Bali goes, I'm in beloved with the island as well. The nature are pleasant, the beaches, the wavings are major and the mounts are breathless. About the food for thought, hmm… delicious… I very delight the Balinese food and my popular dish is Nasi Goreng Bali. About my travel in Bali, I had memorable feel, precisely as I attended Bali with a few of my friends on April 2014. We advanced a adventure one day, hired scoters and rode from Ubud to Singaraja Regency by the mounts. In Singaraja, we saw a hotel past the water. Short, a few fishers approached us and asked for us for about night-fishing. It was totally dark and calm. On the little fishing vessel, the fisher worked guitar and sang "do not care, be happy" We were considering a pretty clearly nighttime sky. Wow, it was an memorable trip on really kind Balinese fisher. I love Bali. There's none island that as is like Bali in that world. As of that, I hope Bali all of the time save the culture and tradition. Furthermore, therein modern geological era, the airing of drug trafficker* is a biggest problem. Moreover, in Bali because an international touristry area which is visited along a lot of foreign holidaymakers. Bali should make attempt in adjudicating to move out the drug dealers by the streets mainly in congested region like Kuta. It means that Balinese accepts big responsibleness to save the safe. General, Bali is all of the time saved in my mind.

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