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Mentawai Has Two Point Wave World Best

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Two point Lances Right and Macaronies waves in Mentawai including the world's 10 best point. The waves are always consistent

Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) with the Department of Culture and Tourism of West Sumatra province to support the implementation of the International Pro Mentawai Surf Competition 2013, on 21 April to 29 April 2013 in the Mentawai Islands.

According to Marketing Director eco, Kemenparekraf, Esthy Reko Astuty, on 11 April 2013, an event organized association level surfers Asia, Asian Surf Champion (ASC), is a form of existence Mentawai Islands as a tourist destination surfing world.

Professional surfers kompesisi event will be attended by 43 surfers. A total of 16 top-level surfers Asia, four surfers from Ripcurl Raider Team, three surfers invited surfers, and consists of 20 local surfers surfing community Mentawai enliven this event.

Head of Tourism Culture Youth and Sports Mentawai Islands, Desti Seminora meeting in Sapta Pesona building, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Jakarta said, more than 95 percent of foreign tourists come to Mentawai.

Most of the surfers visiting for 10 to 15 days. »Most will do repeat visits, two to three times during the 8 months of winter surfing in one year," he said.

»Most tourists come from Australia, America, Brazil, New Zealand, Japan, and France. As many as 84 percent are surfers, 11 percent enjoys adventure activities, and 5 percent were researchers from Europe, "said Dusti. Earthquake and tsunami in 2010 did not discourage tourists come.

Number of tourist arrivals in 2012 reached 4,560 people per year. Previously, visit as many as 4,010 people in 2011 and in 2010, as many as 3,847 people. Meanwhile, the number of tourists visit the archipelago in 2010 as many as 268 people, in 2011 there were 120 people, and in 2012 there was 230 people.

Mentawai Islands have two points of the top ten best surfing spot in the world's best surfing. »There are two spots in Mentawai, Lances Right and Macaronies, entry point into the world's top 10. Waves in the Mentawai always consistent, "said Dusti.

He added that there are 71 points to 49 points surfing locations are categorized as exclusive. »Point is concealed by the surfers, due to not being exclusive anymore if it's too crowded with surfers," he said.

Mentawai tourism potential is quite complete, covering the wild mountains, hundreds of endemic flora and fauna (based on survey results WWF-World Wildlife Fund), waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and sea. Mentawai sea tourism storing wealth. Wealth was started more than 70 spots surfing, diving area 33, and 38 favorite fishing locations.

Data service culture youth and sports tourism Mentawai Islands district says the average spending of foreign tourists per year, in 2012, around Rp 57 billion. In 2011 the average expenditure of Rp 50 billion more.

»Most tourists who come from the middle class, because for a single visit, for 10 days, the cost of public boat Rp 10 million," said Dusti.

Transport access to the Mentawai currently can only be traversed by one-Ambu Ambu ferry boats that cater to tourists from Padang to Mentawai. The ship can accommodate about 500 people in a single trip.

In one week, the ship once sailed to Mentawai. The existence of the airport is required by the Mentawai to support tourism destination. According to West Sumatra Governor Irwan Prayitno, where the airport is being sought, pending launch of the Minister of Finance for this year.

As a tourist destination, there are 14 international standard resort hotel over the ownership of foreign direct investment and domestic investment in the Mentawai. And have a boat tour transportation services sector surfers who reach 40 units.

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