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Merry Cemetery, Cemetery General Who Became a Popular Attraction

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From its name is already a grave that is unique, sounding story with the name Merry Cemetery. The public cemetery is located in the city Sapanta, Romania. Inside are more than 600 tombstones shaped wooden cross painted colorful and decorated with paintings depicting the life story, a secret, or the last moments of the deceased are placed in each tomb. So do not be surprised if there was a wooden tombstone picture soldier beheaded, the man who was hit by a truck. Quite often accompanied by the writings of such silly, "Under this heavy cross lying mother-in-law ... Do not wake him up. Because if he returned home he would bite my head off."

According to Atlas Obscura tradition of making unique wooden headstone was started by Stan Ioan Patras. The man who was born in Sapanta in 1908 was working as a tombstone maker to the local cemetery at the age of 14 years. In 1935, Patras began making crosses carved with images relating to the history of the deceased, accompanied by a satirical poem in the local dialect. In brief writings which usually only read Rest In Peace it could contain the secrets scandal late during life, or ugliness.

Stan Ioan Patras incorporate symbolism in his work gravestones. Green symbolizes life, fertility represented by the color yellow, red for passion, and black symbolizes death. The colors were painted on a dark blue background of the Patras believed to represent hope, liberty, and the sky. Sometimes it also includes a white dove representing the soul, the black bird to represent the tragic death or suspicious.

Patras make the writings of the deceased, most residents of the city he knew well Sapanta based on their personal impression. One time he wrote "Ioan Toaderu loves horses. One more thing she loved. Sitting at a table in a bar. Accompanied by wife." Stan Ioan Patras himself later died in 1977. Crucifix carved and inscribed by Dumitru Pop, an employee at the same time his most talented. He continued the work of Patras during the last three decades and managed to make the museum a place which is visited by many tourists open. And incredibly, to date there have been no deceased family who objected to the 'writing bluntly' made ​​by deceased Patras or herself.

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