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Miss Scuba reintroduces turtle hatchlings

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Miss Scuba reintroduces turtle hatchlings at PerancakThe Kurma Asih Turtle Conservation Group Head, I Wayan Anom Astika Jaya, hoped the arrival of Miss Scuba would bring in a positive value for the environment, not just a beauty contest. “Good and bad influence of the environmental poses the results of human act,’ he said.

A staff of the Conservation International Indonesia, I Made Jaya Ratha, said the arrival of the Miss Scuba International was expected to help raise the local activity of Perancak community in conserving sea turtles. So far, what they had done was less known compared to other places that had been visited by many tourists. As a matter of fact, the group had done much in the turtle conservation.

“Hopefully, it can support the activities of local people. At the moment, the Jembrana government has had an initiative to establish the water area conservation including at Perancak," he explained. Organizer of the contest, Billie Tan, said it was the second contest after the first in Malaysia. Currently, the contest held at the Mimpi Resort involved the participants from 10 countries such as Latvia, USA, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia.By interacting with the turtle conservationists at Perancak, all the contestants could figure out about the turtle breeding and its conservation effort. Aside from reintroducing turtle hatchlings, the contestants were also asked to clean up the plastic rubbish on the beach

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