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Most Australian tourists Visit Bali 2015

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In the period from January to September 2015, the cumulative foreign tourists coming to Bali as many as 2,990,813 people.

For the period of origin of foreign tourists coming to Bali's most nationals of Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia, and the UK with a percentage respectively by 24.33 percent, 18.26 percent, 5.69 percent, 4.62 percent, and 4 , 01 percent.

It is recorded based on data released by the Central Bureau of Statistics Bali on Monday (2/11/2015) at the BPS office, Renon, Denpasar, Bali.

The number of foreign tourists to Bali in September 2015 increased by 9.67 percent compared to September 2014 and increased by 28.14 percent compared with August 2015. The arrival of foreign tourists (tourists) to Bali in September 2015 reached 389 060 people, with tourists coming through the airport as many as 379 397 people, and through seaports amounted to 9663 people.

Room Occupancy levels at the five-star hotel in September 2015 reached an average of 67.65 percent, up 0.16 points compared to last month.

The average length of stay at star hotels in Bali in September 2015 reached 3.20 days, up 0.30 points compared to the average length of stay in the last month. Whereas Room Occupancy Rate at non-star hotel in the month of September 2015, reached an average of 30.81 percent, a decrease of -3.61 points from last month.

With an average length of stay reached 2.50 days, down 0.04 points compared to the average length of stay in the last month.

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