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Mummification Process by Anga Tribe

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For centuries, the Anga tribe in Papua New Guinea has practiced mummification technique is quite unique. After smoking, mummies not buried in graves or tombs, but was placed in a steep cliff. 
Placement they can be viewed by all villagers underneath. With a charred condition or turn red, from a distance it does look strange, but for the Anga tribe is the highest form of respect for the dead. 

The process of mummification can be experienced. At first, knees, elbows and legs slashed corpse, then the fat in the body is fully drained. Then the bamboo pole which had been prepared to use as a corpse is later. 

The next phase, which is the hollow part of the corpse stitched reduce air intake and prevent spoilage of meat. It is believed to be a step that can be perfectly preserved mummy guarantee for centuries. The soles of the feet, tongue, and palms are also cut and presented to the families who are still alive. The rest of the bodies were then thrown into the fire pit. 

After that pebalsem use clay to protect the mummified body from damage and scavengers. This process is still maintained and carried out by the Anga tribe. Although the process is quite daunting, but they keep it. 

No doubt, many tourists who seek Capture these mummies as a sign they had visited Papua New Guinea. Not only has the beautiful natural beauty, but the traditional customs of the region is still well preserved.

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