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Name Origin and Meaning of Balinese

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If you are in Bali, you would often hear the names start Balinese Wayan, Made, Nyoman, Ketut, Ida Bagus, and so on. All the names that turned out to mean nothing.

We begin first with the title I and Ni on the names of the Balinese. The letter I in front of the name Wayan for example, is a word that means the clothing of men. While the word female clothing marker is Ni. I and Ni also significantly a man and woman of society most families, not caste or commonly called the jaba. If he was born in a family of iron smiths, then this guy named Pande Bali. When in front of Ida Wayan Good title, he would be born in a Brahmin family. Ida Bagus means the Handsome or Honorable. If only it was called the Children's Court, he was born in a noble family.

Wayan name is derived from the word " wayahan " which means that the most mature. Titel second child is Made the roots of the word " Madia " which means middle. Third child was called Nyoman which is etymologically derived from the word " Uman " which means " rest" or " end. " So according to the Balinese way of life, should a family has three children alone. Upon lambing three, we are advised to be " prudent ". however ancient, traditional herbal remedies are less effective at preventing pregnancy, coitus interruptus is not feasible unreliable, and abortion is always displeased, so a married couple may have more than three children.

Ketut fourth child of his title. It stems from the ancient word " Kitut " which means a small banana in the outer end of a bunch of bananas. He was the " bonus " dear. Because the government's family planning program is recommended, the less people named Ketut Bali. That is why there is concern from some people of Bali will be the extinction of this beloved title.

According site, the Balinese have a taboo or prohibition that farmers should not mention the word rat, which in Bali called bikul, if you're there in the fields. Calling rats in rice fields, is believed to spell like that can summon rats. For that if you're in the field, people call him by the nickname specials " Jero Ketut ". He means a small host. It departs from the view that rats bagimanapun also is part of the natural balance.

When family planning fails, and a family has more than four children, then ranging from fifth child, repeating the cycle Bali title above. Fifth- degree child Wayan, Made sixth, and so on.

But if you talk in more detail, the third title of the hierarchy birth Balinese have synonyms : to Wayan : Putu, Kompiang, or Gede ; Made for : Kadek or Nengah; for Nyoman : Komang. While the name is not synonymous special Ketut.

Like the Javanese, Balinese people do not have a family name or surname ( family name). So judging from the glass eyes of the west, the Balinese only have a first name without the family name. This supposedly allows people to masquerade in time of war. Even when forced, after a military defeat, a nobleman could claim to be the most. And all his descendants were forced to wear the title I or Ni.

Although not familiar with the name of the clan or family name, there are also people of Bali are clearly hereditary surnames adding or sub- clan crate Dusak, Pendit, and others behind the first name. For example ( just engineering ), Wayan Sujana Pendit. In the modern era when the name of the family so important to the affairs of a passport or if living abroad, some progressive Balinese families make a new clan name which is usually taken from the name of a father who is educated and " success ".

Many things changed in Bali since Indonesian independence. When in the old days people name their son at will, often without meaning, or just onomatopoeic, in this day and age, people began bustling the name derived from Sanskrit. There was also the name of the Bali now already ' nuanced ' west like I Ketut eg Ni Luh Ayu Bobby or Cindy.

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