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NASA Discover the Moon 14th Neptune

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Hubble Space Telescope Space Agency United States (NASA) found a new moon orbiting the distant blue-green giant planet Neptune.

Months it is called S/2004 NI-14 months surrounding the Neptune, according to the article on NASA's official website on Tuesday (16/7).

Mark Showalter of the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California, found in the July 1, when studying faint arcs, or segments of rings around Neptune. "The months and arc orbits so rapidly that we devise ways to follow their movements in order to know the details of the system.

Showalter track the movement of white dots that appear again and again in more than 150 archival photographs taken by Hubble's Neptune from 2004 to 2009.

He saw far beyond the ring segments and noticed the spot about 65 400 miles from Neptune, the moon orbits Neptune Larissa and Proteus.

The point S/2004 N 1. Showalter then describe circular orbit of the moon, which completes one lap around the Neptune every 23 hours.

Panorama of the new moon was estimated at no more than 12 miles, making it the smallest moon in the Neptunian system.

The moon is very small and dim, until about 100 million times fainter than the faintest star that can be seen with the naked eye.

Month was even escape detection NASA's Voyager 2 spacecraft that flew past Neptune in 1989 and watched the moon and the planets rings.

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