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Natural Dynamics Seger Beach, Central Lombok

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Seger beach in central of Lombok

One hour are in Seger beach, Lombok fascinated me the dynamics of nature. Beautiful, it definitely. Seger beach is part of Mandalika tourist area in the southern part of Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. This area is actually located on the coastline of Kuta Lombok.

Grateful, finally I can see for themselves the beauty of this region Seger Beach yesterday late in the afternoon, before heading to Lombok International Airport to return to Jakarta.

Seger Beach region that I visited included a fairly quiet area visitors that evening. Possibly because the area adjacent to the section of beach that is intended for guests Novotel Lombok Resort and Villas, I myself do not find out more for a limited time.

Which in my mind is a good citizen and at least to help the tourist area, as well as respecting the privacy of the foreign tourists who enjoy the beach, both with sunbathing, swimming and bathing in warm seawater that evening, I immediately speed record beauty Seger Beach and hurried away to the Mount Seger.

view of Seger beach in central of Lombok

Not long before heading to the other side of the beach, there is a bridge of bamboo that are not maintained. Well around the bridge there are some local tourists who also enjoy the beauty of the beach and perpetuate their visit, especially around the monument Princess Mandalika.

Princess Mandalika monument is indeed associated with the legend of Central Lombok Sasak people who are very well known. Community remember him now with an annual festival Bau Nyale (catching sea worms). Catch sea worms in Turkish Seger indeed become an annual event around the month of February and March. The festival is also crowded lure tourists to watch.

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