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Netherlands Apologizes to Victims of War in Indonesia

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The Dutch government formally apologized to Indonesia for the atrocities of war they caused. Apologies especially in the atrocities perpetrated during the Dutch colonial occupation troops ended in 1949.

Dutch ambassador to Indonesia, Tjeerd de Zwaan, officially announced the apology in a ceremony that was held in Jakarta. Especially to those who are in execution without trial. '' On behalf of the Dutch government, I apologize for everything, '' he said, Thursday ( 12/9 ).

Dutch previously had to apologize and pay compensation for a number of cases in Indonesia. But this time the action is the first Dutch government apology for the atrocities committed during the colonial era. De Zwaan said the Dutch government realized the great responsibility towards widows executions carried out by the Dutch army. Such as, according to him, what happened in Sulawesi ( Celebes ) and Rawa Gede, West Java.

He also hoped that this apology closes a dark history for those who have been affected directly. Especially with atrocities Indonesian Independence in 1945 and start to 1949 the Dutch Military Aggression. Dutch special forces, conducted a series of executions in some areas while military aggression.

Blindly massacre caused thousands of lives the people of Indonesia floated. The Indonesian government says 40 thousand people were executed between the years 1945-1949. However, the Dutch government said only a few thousand people. Among the various regions, the Dutch troops did the most brutal acts in South Sulawesi.

On January 28, 1947, Dutch troops execute 208 people in a field , in front of local government offices. One of the famous commander commit mass murder it was Captain Raymond Westerling. The man who is considered a war criminal and hero, comes from the KNIL ( Royal Netherlands East Indies Army ).

Representatives of the victims welcomed the apology. One of them, Nurhaeni said it was grateful for the apology. '' Before this we never imagined would be like thi, '' he said. But one of the shooting victims widow, Nani ( 93 years ) admitted to not be able to forget what happened to her husband decades ago, despite receiving substantial compensation.

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