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New Year's Eve Together With Proboscis Monkey, Only for The Adventurous Spirit

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Want to know what it's like to spend the night new year on an island that is not inhabited and only wild animals such as the proboscis monkey?

Perhaps this sensation must try for those who already saturated vacationing in places that used to vacation like hotel, villa, or rides. Proboscis ecotour open that occasion, the new year on the island overnight in Bakut Island which is the island where live animals are primates.

Bakut island located in Baritokuala District, South Kalimantan, it was not as beautiful as the other islands are surrounded by pretty beach that has a view of the underwater world and charming.

The island is small, filled with jungles and muddy swamps and mosquitoes. Never expect here there will be a beautiful natural scenery around the island because this is often passed Barito river barges of coal.

Barito Bridge passing over it famous. This is where the hometown of the proboscis monkey, brown hairy-nosed monkey red color was staying.

They often hanging and jumping around in the trees or even eat the fruit. If the weather is sunny, they usually manifest themselves so that travelers can freely see their wild life. But if the weather is drizzle or heavy rain, they usually hide behind trees.

Every day there are tourists interested in visiting the island. Either just look at the activity of the proboscis is or photographing them.

Not infrequently, many of them among the wild nature lovers who choose to spend the night there to be more familiar with nature and be able to interact with the proboscis satisfied it.

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Proboscis ecotour targeting opportunities of this tour. Especially for the night the turn of the year, they open up this opportunity for tourists who want to experience celebrating New Year's Eve is different.

Travel to the Bakut island started using kelotok or boat engine from under the Bridge Barito. Travelers can go directly to the Bridge Barito use our private vehicles can also pick-up.

Interestingly, but can enjoy and interact directly with the proboscis, tour participants will also participate in embedding sustainability warning signs for the island's nature and life proboscis.

Understandably, the proboscis monkey is a monkey icon of South Kalimantan is now the number diminished, even nearing extinction. This condition is caused often hunted proboscis monkey by human and killed parched due to rampant forest fires.

This opportunity is only for 20 people at the rate of IDR 300,000. Additionally, tour participants will also get the facility to eat and drink during their stay.

If you want to know more about this island, can be visited Siring View Tower at Captain Pierre Tendean street, Banjarmasin.

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