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Ngurah Rai Watch Passengers from the Middle East to Anticipate Spread of MERS Virus in Bali

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To anticipate the spread of MERS-CoV virus that harm, the authority International Airport I Gusti Ngurah Rai, Bali set the alert status by installing a thermal scanners at the entrance of foreign arrivals area of the terminal.

Operation of the detector body temperature in anticipation of MERS-CoV virus entry into Bali Island, the Bali Ngurah Rai Airport in collaboration with the Port Health Office Ngurah Rai.

A number of new passengers got off the plane looks directed officers Port Health Office in order to pass through body temperature detector, or the so-called thermal scanners.

"We have coordinated measures related to what will be done to prevent the entry of MERS-CoV virus through Ngurah Rai Airport, "said Co. General Manager, I Gusti Ngurah Ardita, Friday (05/09/2014).

Tool thermal scanners at the entrance of foreign arrivals area of the terminal is installed to measure body temperature. For passengers or crew who have body temperatures above the threshold will be further examined by officers.

"Officers will give special attention to passengers on flights from the Middle East as a region of origin of the emergence of MERS-CoV virus, "he explained.

Ardita admitted there is currently no direct flights (direct) from the Middle East to Bali. Even so, it still imposes body temperature screening procedures for passengers are coming from Qatar Airways Singapore.

"The action was taken because the previous route Qatar Airways Qatar (Doha-Singapore-Bali). With the implementation of this procedure, can help prevent the spread of the MERS-CoV virus in Bali, "he said.

Meanwhile, Head of Port Health Office quarantine control section of Denpasar, I Gede Agung Junimarta added that passengers who had just arrived from areas potentially affected by MERS-CoV virus mainly middle east first distributed a brochure that contains information about the dangers and prevention of MERS-CoV virus.

The passengers, more Junimarta will walk across a sensor consisting of a thermal scanner camera, temperature sensor, LCD monitor, which is guarded by two to four officers of the Port Health Office staff is to use a mask and gloves.

"Passengers who crossed through the scanners would be instantly detected through the camera monitor and infrared fever sensing. If the person's body temperature is higher or more than 38 degrees Celsius, then the officer will tell him to stop. Passengers When it was hot we first let stand 15 minutes, then we test again. If it's hot and there are indications of shortness of breath or coughing may be we wear masks and sent to the clinic, "said Junimarta.

For Junimarta, the action was made because of the high body temperature of passengers who do not necessarily suspect MERS-CoV. The reason could be the passenger fatigue after long trips. If upon inspection it is indicated MERS-CoV virus suspect he will be directly referred to Sanglah Hospital for further treatment.

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