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Ngurtafur beach, the beach where Tourists Can walk away 2 km to the Middle of the Sea

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Bali Tour - Ngurtafur Beach

Imagine that a beach, elongated approximately 2 km to the clear blue sea. This is the Ngurtafur beach at Warbal Island, Kei Islands, Southeast of Maluku. You will look like to walk into the sea!
Kei Islands are a group of islands that located between the Seram Sea, the Banda Sea, and the Arafuru. Not surprisingly, very clear waters and rich with marine life. Ngurtafur is one of the most unique beaches in that region. Citing the official website of tourism in Indonesia, here the following appearance:

1. Elongated 2 km

Bali Tour - Ngurtafur Beach

Ngurtafur beach on the island of Warbal elongated 2 km to the sea, with a width of about 7 meters.
Being on this beaches, the traveler seemed to walk in the middle of the sea. Coastal waters around Ngurtafur very clean, clear and blue. The sand is white and smooth. You can even direct swim and snorkel, some coral reefs can be directly found not far from the coast.

2. Turtles and Pelicans

Bali Tour - Ngurtafur Beach - Pelican Bird

Ngurtafur beach is a habitat for several animal species such as leatherback turtles and pelicans. Leatherback turtle are known by the name 'tabob' by local people. Near the coast there are a conservation of leatherback turtles who directly managed by the WWF. Besides turtles, pelicans also often perch on the Ngurtafur beach. These animals became the object of a very beautiful picture. Fortunately for those of you who saw this horde of pelicans on the beach!

3. The best time to visit

Bali Tour - Ngurtafur Beach - Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the beach Ngurtafur is from April to May, and October to December. The weather was sunny, the waves on the coast also tend to be quiet. There are several cottages that you can stay. There also Homestay Evalin at Ngurbloat Beach, Philips Homestay and Coaster Cottage at Ngursamadan Beach.

4. Getting there

Bali Tour - Ngurtafur Beach - Getting There

A traveler can visited Ngurtafur Beach from Maluku capital, namely Ambon. From Pattimura Airport at Ambon, take flight to Dumatubun Langgur Airport takes about 1.5 hours. From Langgur Dumatubun Airport, continued trips to Tual. You can rent a motor boat in the port of Debut. The rental fee to the Ngurtafur beach around IDR 700,000 until IDR 1,000,000. One vessel can be filled by 15 persons with a trip of about 30 minutes.In addition, you also can take a ship directly from Yos Sudarso Port at Ambon. Long trip to Tual is about 18 hours, with the firstly stop in Banda Naira. Up in Tual, you can continued by use speed boat to the Ngurtafur beach for 1.5 hours.

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