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Not Only Japan, Indonesia Also Have an Cat Island

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For fans of cats, Tashiro Island in Japan are well known. Do not wrong, Indonesia also has a cat island. Before to reap popularity as Cat Island, the village of Tashiro is a deserted village in predominately aged over 60 years. But now, the fans of cats from Japan and around the world began to busy visiting the island which has a population of hundreds of the cat.

But apparently, not only in the Tashiro full of cats. The cat lovers in Indonesia did not to be to be the way to Japan to find Cat Island. In West Sulawesi, precisely Polewali Mandar, there is an island called Dea-Dea Island is only inhabited by hundreds of cats. No human being living on this island.

cats on this island has been proliferating since decades ago, although no one can be sure when the cat began to inhabit and dominate Dea-Dea Island. However, there's cats look healthy and able to live independently without any human.

To reach the Dea-Dea Island, travel time that must be taken is around 15 minutes by boat or water taxi (the name locals for a boat crossing between islands) of Belang-Belang Dock in Tonyamang Village. The cats on the Dea-Dea Island originally came from some cats being dumped by residents of other islands in the uninhabited island.

Eventually, the cat population on the island increased so as to achieve hundreds of cats. All cats in Dea-Dea life without any human intervention or local government so that visitors can not simply play and stroking the cats on this island because most are wild.

Before going to the Cat Island in West Sulawesi, it's good to pack a raincoat or an umbrella because there is not a building founded by humans who can be a place of shelter or stay. This is because of the first, Dea-Dea Island was never inhabited by humans.

But it feels a view of the Dea-Dea Island are green and full of shady trees, although there is no place to rest and shelter man-made, is enough to be an attraction cat lovers. Maybe it's the atmosphere that makes beautiful island in the Cat Island District of the Binuang be suitable breeding ground for cats on the island. Perhaps this is also suitable for cat lovers who want to linger to play with the cats on the island. Plus, the beautiful coastal scenery makes a visit to the island of Dea-dea became more impressive

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