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"Omed-Omedan" is a tradition after Nyepi Day

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A day after celebrating Nyepi, residents of Banjar Kaja Sesetan, Denpasar has a unique tradition. Ritual traditions handed down was named omed-omedan. Omed-omedan means of attraction.

At first glance, this ritual is similar to the mass kiss. Because the ritual performed by young men and women was conducted by kissing. Initially, dozens of young men and women marched back to square one position opposite. Those who would commit ritual omed-omedan was in the front with the position held. They were approaching. So affordable, they they kiss. The kiss will stop after tribal whistle sounds and splashing water.
Prominent Puri Oka, I Gusti Ngurah Oka Putra explained omed-omedan a unique culture and tradition existed long before colonial times and has been inherited from generation to generation. "This ritual is held every Ngembak Geni (the day after Nyepi). Omed-omedan is attractive. Omed We balked-omendan synonymous with kissing.

Tradition omed-omedan, an iceberg happiness younger children when Ngembak Geni. This tradition has a value of togetherness. In addition to this tradition is believed to have sacred values ​​as they relate to sesuhunan (god worshiped) at Pura Banjar. One time, tradition-omedan omed never stopped. But suddenly came into conflict two pigs that is not known who the owner is.
Having taken a spiritual way and mapinunas (demand) during the ceremony, it was found confidence if tradition omed-omedan the Will sesuhunan (god who was worshiped in the Pura Banjar). "So the tradition continues to this day.

Many of the values ​​contained in this tradition. Among these are respect for the ancestors, foster a sense of solidarity within the framework of mutual teaser, compassion and care. "Also to maintain harmonious relations in accordance with the prevailing norms, build solidarity and unity in the society situasu love love, entertainment, and economic elements.

While Denpasar Mayor Ida Bagus Rai Mantra Dharma Wijaya claimed omed-omedan has become an icon worldwide as a tourist destination. "It is a customary tradition and culture to support tourist attractions.




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