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Only on This Restaurant's Where You Can Feel Like a Pirate

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Bali Tour - The Pirate Bay Restaurant

Bali became a tourism paradise in Indonesia with its beautiful beaches as a powerful magnet to attract millions of tourists to come visit. On this island there a place that can make  you feel like a pirate like in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies with Captain Jack Sparrow asthe main character.  This place is not like a recreational park but this is a cool out door restaurant.

This time we will review the island of the gods instead of from a tourist destination but about a unique place to eat. Many restaurants and cafes can be found on this island and just a bit of a traveler who knows the cool places that they never be imagined if that place exist on this island.

One of them is The Pirates Bay restaurant, a pirate-themed restaurant that located in Area of BTDC Lot C-0 Nusa Dua, Nusa Dua street, South Kuta, Badung, Bali. Pirate theme which promoted by this restaurant became the first in Indonesia. All properties that are used in the restaurant is made similar to feel the atmosphere of the world of pirates.

Bali Tours - The Pirate Bay Restaurant Nusa Dua

There is a replica of a pirate ship that is placed at the front of the restaurant, tents, gazebos and cool kitchens pirates.  All of that ordered to creates a comfortable atmosphere for the visitor. There's also a tree house room which gives a romantic dining atmosphere while enjoying the beauty of the beach in Nusa Dua.

The Pirates Bay serves a varied menu ranging cuisine of Indonesia, Europe to America. Interestingly the price offered at the restaurant is quite affordable because there menu is priced starting from IDR 250k.

Besides as a cool place to eat, The Pirates Bay also used as fun recreational place and taking pictures with a unique background. Visitor also can join the cooking class, camping and enjoy live music which regularly held every weekend. Visitor who participated will be given a complete package of a pirate costume.

If you want to feel hows the fun of become like the pirate in Pirates Bay, plan your vacation to Bali immediately and don't forget to stop by this cool restaurant.




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