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Overcome Fear While On a Plane Tips

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Most tourists have fears while on a plane or called aviophobia. Sure cost for them to be very uncomfortable. However, there are some ways to help overcome the fear of the time on the plane. Here are tips on how to overcome fear while on a plane.

Learn triggers fear

The first step in dealing with fear is to know the cause. For example, whether the cause during take off, turbulence, landing or a fear of heights? Knowing what triggers the onset of fear makes us be better prepared to control it during the flight.

Knowing the statistics

Do you know when the odds died in a plane crash is 1 in 11 million? Therefore, actually the most dangerous journey to the airport.

Plan a place to be addressed

By planning the destination that will be addressed after landing, it will reduce anxiety during the flight. In addition, book a seat on the wings, because usually less feel turbulence. Then, try to book a direct flight to avoid stress during transit.

Make yourself comfortable

If it had cost more, book a business class that cost us more comfortable journey. If you can not book a business class, try to buy magazines and snacks to distract. Enjoy time during the flight by reading a magazine while snacking snacks, so it feels as comfortable as home.

Chatting with flight attendants

Experienced flight attendants perform hundreds or even thousands of times the cost, so that it knows where that nervous passengers. Therefore, we may get extra attention from the flight attendants, so do not hesitate to talk to her.

Control anxiety

This is the most difficult part, which is to control anxiety. First, cobahlah prevent panic appeared to avoid caffeine drinks that will worsen the symptoms of anxiety. Then, try to do some breathing exercises during take off to calm the mind.

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