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Panorama of Menjangan Island

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MBA Bali Tours - Menjangan Island

Tourist attraction in Bali is not always dominated by the beauty of Kuta Beach. Was not always in the form of sacred places like Besakih. Bali also save another groove natural beauty, which is an island. The island is called Pulau Menjangan. In the Balinese language, the meaning of the word is a roe deer. Then what is the relationship between deer with this island? Because the island is a habitat for a herd of wild animals, deer or antelope.

Geographically, Bali Menjangan Island is located 10 km northwest of the island of Bali. The land is uninhabited. Nevertheless, the existence of this island can not be underestimated by any traveler while visiting Bali. The island is relatively small, is an island that is purified by Hindus. They often come to this island to worship. No doubt, there are some buildings sacred to them or temple, built. Pretend it never quiet. Because of the mobility of Hindus who visit it, always high. Menjangan Island is also very suitable as jujukan spot for photography enthusiasts. Every spot that lay on the island of Menjangan, could become a haven for photographers.
Travel Bali Menjangan Island offers beautiful beaches always indulge every visitor. Wrap bluish waters, around the island that looks beautiful this. Also looks beautiful green hills in the distance as we ride a motor boat. In addition, on the seabed, many biological wealth is spread. Assorted shellfish reefs and marine life grow with the good. Thus, the number of tourists, both domestic and foreign, berkegiatan likes diving. Naturally, with such activities, exploration of the underwater world of Menjangan Island, they can do well.


At a depth of about 45 meters, there is a popular dive spot, called Anchor Wreck. Given its name, of course spot is based on a carcass warship, the following anchor remaining intact; despite having experienced rust. The entire body of the ship, much overgrown with mosses and soft corals.

Menjangan island of Bali is always inviting for any Bali activities. Infinite satisfaction they will feel them on his return from the island. Then what kind of accommodation to the island Menjangan? When we depart from the dock in the village of Labuan Lalang bay, then we will spend approximately 40-60 minutes travel time. During the trip, the beautiful panorama of the waters of Bali clearly visible. Arriving in the area of ​​Menjangan, beautiful beaches we can remove all tired during the trip. Clear blue sea water, combined intimate with the beautiful white sand. Because in Menjangan Island, no number of places to eat, even the inn, it is recommended that each visitor brings its own supplies. This is in lieu of the absence of eating places there.

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