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"Pantai Pulau Merah" Can Be a Change the Color

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Indonesia is very rich and famous for its natural attractions. One of the tourist destinations in Banyuwangi offers unique that no other tourist attractions in Indonesia, with can change the color of this place known as Red Island Beach or "Pantai Pulau Merah".

"Pantai Pulau Merah" is the latest sensation belongs to Banyuwangi. The beach has a unique and unusual beauty, which can change color to red when the sun gets hot. Not only that, the beach was also a favorite location surfers.

"Pantai Pulau Merah" like  Kuta Beach, Bali, but more rolling waves generated so favored by many  surfers and surfers are often used as the destination beginner, amateur, or professional. This is because the height of the waves possessed relatively ideal, with an average height of two meters. Red Island Beach apparently also has another characteristic, namely that there is a 200 meter high hill in front of the beach-like beaches in Brazil. Small hill overgrown it has a height of 300 meters from the beach. The location is not so far away, so that tourists can walk reach the hill at low tide.

"Pantai Pulau Merah" location adjacent to the fishing village. For that, the tourists who visit can take advantage of the houses for the night, and feel the beauty of the island. If you would like to visit this place, in May to December is a great time. This is due in January to March is usually not ideal waves for surfing. But not to worry, for those of you who are not interested in surfing, beauty "Pantai Pulau Merah" is already quite spoil the eye.

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