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Paradise Indonesia, Misool is Champion

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Talk about the province of West Papua will immediately comes to mind one dream destination almost all people in Indonesia or even the world, the Raja Ampat. This archipelago is presenting nautical charm very remarkable. One is Misool. This island is one of the four largest islands in the Raja Ampat Islands. Especially underwater natural charm really fascinating, I wonder if Misool touted as one of the world's best diving spots.

Underwater Paradise
Misool directly adjacent to the Seram Sea and the waters of the high seas into a traffic lane of large animals, including whales. There are also 755 species of ornamental fish, including turtles, rays, and other marine life along the coral diversity. Underwater ecosystem that is still full of the will spoil every pair of eyes that was dive into the beauty of marine Misool. In addition, tourists are also not worried about privacy disturbed, because in this area the majority of uninhabited, so it is still beautiful like a private paradise.

Boat Trips, Diving Up Look Relics of the Past
Diverse best dive spot can be enjoyed in almost all the underwater world Misool. Travelers can try to dive diverse diving point, because each offers a different beauty. If you want to get the best moments, visit to Misool in November, because of the depth of the sea is crystal clear up to 25 meters.

In addition to diving, other tourist attractions that can be enjoyed during Misool is a boat trip. Tourists will be invited to tour while watching the karst rocks and reefs of Raja Ampat is still beautiful and soothing eye. In some spots, the boat will usually be stopped and invited tourists to enjoy the beauty Misool, both with kayaking, swimming, sunbathing or just relaxing on the beach.

Misool, tourists can also explore the mangrove forests complete with its inhabitants, such as birds and some other animals are still preserved. Beneath towering karst rock, tourists also can see the traces of ancient human history, such as the shape of the human hand painting, and other fish commonly known as petroglyphs. It is estimated that rock art with red dominant color is 5000 years old.

The lodging facilities on the island of Misool quite complete ranging from jasmine-class accommodation, homestay home residents to stay at the super luxurious and exclusive resort. One of the most famous resort is Misool Eco Resort. This resort excellence not only run eco-tourism, but also runs a conservation program that is committed to sustainability. The visit was limited to about 32 people, in order to maintain the beauty of Misool. Each mid-June and September, Misool Eco Resort cap of tourist activity due to windy weather conditions.

Misool island can be reached from the airport Domne Eduard Osok, Sorong. In addition, Misool also can be reached by boat pinisi, which is none other than one of the main transportation here. Can also follow the travel agent, who provides a package trip or vacation to Misool. Regardless of stunning natural beauty, the costs for getting there is equally little. Therefore, if you want to save, tourists can visit there in groups or the most delicious participating travel agents.




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