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Peresean, Maskulinitas Pria Lombok Tengah

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Central Lombok - The real men confessed, check out this one battle. Peresean, performing traditional Sasak tribe became a symbol of masculinity of men. Who wins, it is the strongest!

If a woman had a graceful dance performances, the men have manliness contest performances. In a way that is fair and brave, they fight to prove who is the most powerful. This is not just any fight, but the legacy of traditions that have been passed down through generations.

Peresean, which now often become the show to greet the guests who come to Lombok, has an interesting history. In the past, when Lombok was shaped kingdom, many men who were appointed soldiers. Well, to test his masculinity, then held Peresean.

The tradition comes from the Sasak involves two weapons are whips and shields. There is also a costume that is used among other shorts, then the fabric at the waist knee-length, fabric tied at the waist and headgear.

There are 3 points that becomes assessment, among others, in the head, arms and stomach. There is no time for this battle, who survives, he wins.

Participants called Pepadu, while they called pekembar choose. Pekembar is Pepadu already a senior. In the past, this method used to select the agile warriors and quality.

But now, more Peresean a tradition that should remain preserved. These performances are often performed as entertainment for the guests who come to the region Sasak.

In addition, the game also becomes mandatory event when an indigenous festival is underway, one of which Bau Nyale.

Visitors will gather around the arena. Watching with enthusiasm, seeing or bet about who's the winner. To enliven the fight, some traditional music played by the musician on the edge of the area.

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