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Places And Tips How To Learn Surfing In Bali

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In general, Kuta Beach where the beginners who are still at all stages of learning or who have never been surfing and want to learn to surf or for pro surfers to hang around in Kuta. School surfing in Bali courses generally do activities along Kuta Beach, the beach in the Padma, to Seminyak Beach area.

For the Pro Surfer in Bali in general they are looking for a places to surf in:

  • Uluwatu beach
  • Dreamland Beach
  • Medewi
  • Bingin beach
  • Padang-padang
  • Balangan Beach

Learn how to surf is better started a younger, but age is not a barrier to learning to surf, which is essential to health and able to swim, because of the time were largely depleted for paddling (swimming) rather than ride the wave. From this lesson will form a stronger upper chest due to the amount of time spent on swimming.

For bigginers, the pool can be used for learning. Before pedaling to the seas surrounding conditions must be known and especially your ability, the condition of a change of the waves. Kuta beach is the best choice because has sandy beach and recommend to Uluwatu and Dreamland Beach.


  • Determine the balance point - for beginners it is recommended to determine the equilibrium point at the same place wax can be used, the balance point is made when you surf the supine position on the board chin, chin position this is marked with wax, at any time dagung position marked this as a reference surf board so that you react the same every time.
  • The tip of a surfboard into the water, with the right back position to which the chin is located (marked above earlier), to balance the surf board retreat a little backward from the sign. Bit pressure on the back of a surfboard with your body weight, move forward until the surf board is really stable on the water.
  • surf board on top, do not do a lot of movement when sitting or trying to sit on the board surfing because it would eliminate the effect of the above balance beginner surf board for learning to surf, try to calm down. One of the keys to learning to surf is calm demeanor.
  • above the surf board. Do not stand up straight because you will be upside down, standing modestly (such as horses), hands on hips, eyes toward the future, you will fall when the eyes look down.
  • Practice, practice the techniques taught you surf instructor on the beach before sliding into the water.

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