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Places Strangest And Creepy In Indonesia

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Indonesia consists of various races and cultures was amazing. It certainly as the coming of the allure tourists to visit Indonesia see local wisdom. Among the many attractions that exist in Indonesia, there are some places that look weird, creepy but interesting to visit. Curious attractions such as what is? Here we summarize some of the information, hopefully entertained.

Trunyan Village (Kintamani, Bangli, Bali)

Trunyan Village (Kintamani,

who does not know the island of Bali. The island has been named as the best island in Asia and a number of the world's best 5 TripAdvisor. Island that holds many different cultures is a tourist destination both local and foreign tourists. In Bali, one of the unique attractions that can be found in the area the tourists are Trunyan Village ( Kintamani, Bangli, Bali). One of the oldest villages in Bali is still preserve the culture of their ancestors, such as ngaben culture (ceremony for a deceased person) that is different from other places in Bali. If at any other place in Bali ngaben usually done by burning corpses, in Trunyan people who died just put away in the open air or simply covered with a hood of bamboo and offerings near Taru Menyan large tree located in the village of. However, strange but true, human corpses were placed haphazardly is not eaten by animals and does not emit a foul odor. Local villagers believe the stench on the corpse after neutralization by Menyan wood tree that has the fragrant aroma. The uniqueness of this village was certainly invite tourists to visit and see the procession ngaben in Trunyan. Until now Trunyan is a favorite destination of tourists as a place of cultural tourism in Bali.

Chicken Church (Magelang, Central Java)

Chicken Church (Magelang,
 Central Java)

Although the shape of a chicken, but surprisingly, when the construction of the building was actually designed to resemble the shape of a dove.The construction of this building is quite strange and contains a mystery. Starting from a dream, an entrepreneur named Daniel Alamsyah in the 1990s to build this unique place. Originally a place located in the middle of the forest Kembanglimus village, Magelang are intended as a house of prayer, not solely for the church of Christians. but as a house of worship of all religions and rehabilitation at the same place. Due to lack of funds the construction of houses of worship have also stalled. Although the state is not maintained and seemed haunted this building remains one of the attractions are pretty crowded in the area of Magelang,

Liang Bua ( Flores )

Liang Bua ( Flores )

Liang Bua in Manggarai language means cave or hole is one of the cool typical cave located on the island of Flores. The cave is located in the hamlet Rampasasa, Liang Bua village, District Ruteng, Manggarai regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province. In September 2003, the archaeologists also found a strange discovery anthropology  in this cave. The discovery of a unique framework that is then identified by the name Homo floresiensis, dwarf who lived about 10,000 years before modern humans lived in flores. Thus the hobbits were the ancestors of the people of Flores. And in Liang Bua is the only place where this could be the discovery of Homo floresiensis. Also found other historical relics such as stone tools known to have been used by Homo erectus (like those found in Sangiran) and bone remains Stegodon (ancient elephant) dwarf, giant lizard as well as a large rat. Because saving a lot of history is often a limestone cave tourists visit a local and global.

Londa cave (Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi)

Liang Bua ( Flores )

Another of the most bizarre sights and creepy in Indonesia is Londa cave in Tana Toraja. Located on the border of Makale and Rantepao, the people there have a unique tradition that save families the bodies of the deceased. It is solely because of the assumption that those who had not yet left his family dead.  Londa Cave is a burial area as a storage rock corpse. Entering this cave you will find a coffin-coffin is placed in piles In the vicinity of the site can also be found cigarettes, betel, drink, or clothing as evidence that the remains at these sites are treated like people who are sick, not dead


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