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Places To Visit In Lembongan Island

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MBA Bali tours - Lembongan Island

Nusa Lembongan or Lembongan island is a small island located south east region of Bali which is adjacent to two other small islands like Ceningan and Nusa Penida. How to Nusa Lembongan is to use a fast boat from Sanur Beach. The main purpose of tourists come to the island at most for diving, snorkeling and surfing. It is also still a lot of activities or places to visit in Nusa Lembongan, a few places to visit in Nusa Lembongan

1. Mount Panorama Nusa Lembongan Island

This location is easily accessible. Take the port out to the right and headed east ramp. The benchmark is the location of one cafe in this uphill road and in front of the benches are provided for people to enjoy the panoramic view of the island. From here you can see the island of Nusa Lembongan from above, looks too silhouette of Mount Agung and the island from a distance. The location is very good for who wants to see the sunset.

2. Dream Beach

Continues to follow the path of a panoramic hill big way, up and down inclines. To reach locations on the coast here bother easy because very little board direction on this location. Do not be embarrassed to ask to the locals, they are very friendly at all when asked about the direction of the beach. To enter this beach must pass through small alleys to meet with green fields. Turns beach is located below the cliff, so that until we got down the stairs to this beach. There is a real special access to the beach is the beach past the resort that surrounds it. High blue waves roll-roll from a distance welcomes the surfers here. Maybe called Dream Beach because this could have been the dream of the surfers beach, the location is great for surfing.

3. Devil's Tear

Heard the name alone is very strange, do not imagine the shape this location or what was originally shaped beach. Located not far from Dream Beach, follow the paths around the edge of the cliff. Motor can pass the path in the green expanse of desert, there have been made to track the path of the motor. Again confused where they lead, there nanya here together local youth and finally arrived. Actually got confused because when I got straight edge of the cliff and there was nothing. It turned out to be walking down this cliff, must be extra careful through this route. Once, a super view directly welcome. There are dune-lined lagoons such as the rice terraces when the waves hit the water coming lagoon, the water in the lagoon will be spilled like waterfalls plated.

There's more to make pemandangandi moved here. There is a gap between the edge of the cliffs and lagoons, when the waves come in rainbow will appear in the midst of this cave hole. A very beautiful natural phenomenon and rarely get to see this. Perhaps this is what makes this location is called the Devil's Tear.

4. Sunset Beach

Still along the edge of the cliffs of Devil's Tear location not far from there are beaches according to people there have a beautiful view of the sunset. Again, this beach resort is surrounded by so must find driveway instead of resort. Rather play out back to the public road and again do not hesitate to ask if you stray. Apparently there is a special way for visitors who want to go to the beach without having to get out of resort.

Because this time it was still early afternoon and had not seen signs of sunset, I decided towards the cliff sunset point is not far away from that location. There is a two-story cafe and a small hotel at the end of this cliff. Between both places there is grassland, a great background for photos narcissistic course ... hehehehe. I no longer enjoy the sunset here because they have to hurry back if you do not want to be stuck in the dark streets because in this area not all the streets equipped with street lighting.

5. Mushroom Beach

Here was the center of nightlife in Nusa Lembongan are many cafes and bars along the way to this beach. Because the visit in the afternoon, life was still quiet, would be different if the evenings, visitors are still few if afternoon, Relaxing on the beach is, play sand and water play a very fitting to do while waiting for the evening to arrive while having drinks pretty certainly.

6. Tourism Mangrove

Nusa Lembongan is surrounded by mangrove forests, which not only functions as a protection from coastal erosion and a big wave absorbers turns this location can be used as a tourist attraction as well. Try to take the package to surrounding mangrove forest by boat. If the location of the Port Jungut Batu is take the direction to the west follow the way up to the tip of the island. In line with the direction of this mangrove, I passed through a local village seaweed cultivators. The livelihoods of many local residents still as farmers seaweed. Slum coloring the coast towards the forest to magrove, occasionally seeing mothers who were harvesting seaweed. The scenery is very much different from the eastern part of the island is full of luxury.

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