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Plengkung" Surfer's Destination"

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Plengkung is known as one of the best surfing beaches in the world. The word of “G" in “G-Land" drive from grajagan, the name of the bay where the huge wafes were found at the south of banyuwangi. It is surrounded by virgin tropical land forest. G-Land offers the world most demanding surfing sport, and recomanded for professional surfer only.may to October in the best timer for surfing. No doubt it is a world of surfer paradise.

Most surfers start from bali take and overland to banyuwangi and directly to the alas purwo national park. G-Land or cross the grajagan bay to plengkung beach where the waves challenge invite the surfers. However, it is not recommended for novices.

In 1972, a core group of American surfers, organized the first expedition to G-land. A group of three surfers had to carry all their supplies and boards. Another group of 5 surfers went by local transport overland, arrived in Grajagan village near the river mouth and had to walk about 20 km along the beach with their boards. The first group sailed into G-land and beached the boat, which was their base camp for the next 10 days. They had very little fresh water and would have to collect it off the sails when it rained.

Soon after the discovery, Mike Boyum helped set up the first surf camp at G-Land, which was possibly the start of the surf camp concept that has since spread across the globe. Balinese surfer Bobby Radiasa took over the operation in the late 70s and still runs it today. From the days of the original Boyum/Bobby's camp other camps have opened at G-Land offering various standards of accommodation and facilities to suit a range of holiday budgets, with G-Land Bobby's Surf Camp - there's another surfcamp in the jungle in front of Speedies Reef named Joyo's Surf Camp, The third Surf Camp, located closest to the only viewing tower and the peddle out point, is G-land Surf Camp.

A very long, world-class, barreling left hand reef/point break breaks along the east side of Grajagan Bay. It has long been considered one of the world's best left hand waves. The correct name of the point upon which the main wave breaks is "Plengkung." The wave becomes shallower and more critical the further down the point one rides the wave. It is one of the most consistently rideable waves in the world in season, with offshore winds and often plentiful swell between the months of, roughly, mid April to mid October.

The G-Land surf break has been divided up into several sections. The first, at the top of the point, is called "Kongs," which breaks up to several hundred metres in length, and can hold quite large sizes (from about 2 to 12 feet+, Hawaiian scale). It is not usually a barrel, nor genuinely world-class, but more a series of takeoff zones with some long wall sections, although it can also barrel on occasions. This section picks up a lot of swell, and is rarely less than 3 feet, and can be a saviour when the rest of the point is too small. This wave can sometimes link up with the next section called "Moneytrees." Moneytrees works from about 2 to 10 feet (Hawaiian scale, or about 4 to 20 feet wave faces), usually breaking over several hundred metres, and is a long, testing, barreling, world-class wave. The barrels become more critical the lower the tide and the larger the swell. Moneytrees may also occasionally link up with the next section called "Speedies," with an outside takeoff section between the two called "Launching Pads." "Launching Pads" can catch the surfer offguard, as it can break a significant way out to sea in larger swells. "Speedies" is the heaviest wave at G-Land, but can be a perfect, very round barrel for several hundred metres, rideable from about 2 to 8 feet+ (Hawaiian scale). It usually needs larger swells, and low tide can be very dangerous. Most severe injuries at G-Land have occurred at "Speedies."

It is not common to ride a wave more than about 300–400 metres at G-Land, even though the section of the point where rideable waves break is considerably longer (over 1 km long), because the waves usually don't link up with each other.

The dry season (May to October) is far and away the best time to go. That is when the offshore southeast trade winds blow and the swell, pouring out of the Southern Ocean, is at its biggest and most consistent.


There are some cottages and a jungle came available by the beach.

Recreational facilities

Plengkung is located on the south coast of banyuwangi, the easetest of east java. The visitor can visit plengkung overland. To reach plengkung can be taken in two ways :

    OVERLAND : Banyuwangi-kalipahit (59 km) by bus kalipahit-pasaranyar (3 km) by ojek or rent a car, pasaranyar-tringgulasi-pancur (15 km), pancur-plengkung (9 km), by special car.

    OVERLAND-SEA : banyuwangi (35 km) by bus, benculuk-grajagan (35 km) by bus or public transportation, grajagan-plengkung y speed boat.

Both ways to plengkung are OK. If the visitor chose second way, they can spend the night at grajagan and enjoy the view before continue the journey to plengkung.

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