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Quiet Atmosphere And Beauty of Lovina Beach

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MBA Bali Tours - Lovina Beach

If in southern Bali famous attractions Kuta Beach, but in North Bali is known to have attraction Lovina Beach. Objects that became the mascot of tourism in  Buleleng has its own characteristics compared to other attractions in the area. Characteristics which can not be found in other areas in Bali, make foreign tourists or domestic travelers makes Lovina Beach as a favorite vacation spot for enjoying the beauty of the beaches and quiet atmosphere for relaxing.

Lovina Beach is a regional attraction located in the center of Kalibukbuk Village, Buleleng. This object was first made as a tourist attraction by its predecessors in Buleleng. The total area that has so far recorded area of ​​3,524 hectares. The total area of ​​this object includes seven villages from the Village Pemaron, Tukad mungga, Anturan, Kalibukbuk, Kaliasem, Temukus, and Village Tigawasa.

As the name implies, this object is dominated by a quiet stretch of sea area. While the rest of the lands and hills in southern sebalah. This condition since first being its own characteristics and became a big name attractions Lovina Beach. Right in the middle of this region by his predecessor made a statue of a dolphin. This towering statue until now made a big name for Lovina Beach as a mainstay tourist area in North Bali.

Objects that most of the beach, Lovina Beach has a nautical tour packages that do not exist in other areas. It is a tour package to sea dolphins see the attraction in their natural habitat. To select this dolphins travel tourists  package will be served by local fishermen to sail out to sea saw  dolphins. In addition, tourists have a hobby of  diving, in this object also offers diving spot with a garden of coral reefs.

Data collected at the Department of Culture and Tourism Buleleng mentions, since become a tourist attraction, Lovina Beach ebb and flow of foreign tourists and domestic tourists. However, when the booming tourism industry, tourists visiting Lovina Beach showed significant improvement. After the events of the first Bali bombing and the Bali bombing tourists visiting Lovina Beach began to decline. Recent data shows tourists visiting Buleleng totaled 622 336 people per year.

Visits this much dominated by tourists from Australia, Europe, Francis, and local tourists. Of this total as much as 64.79 percent of tourists vacationing in Lovina Beach and surrounding areas. Additionally, 7.83 percent of tourists choose to visit in the city of Singaraja. While tourist areas in Batu Ampar, Gerokgak that in fact the development of new tourist visited by foreign tourists amounted to 2.14 percent. Similarly, in the tourist area of ​​Niagara Sanih, District Kubutambahan visit wisatawannya reached 1.33 percent, and the remaining 19 percent of tourists choose a vacation in a few other places in North Bali.




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