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Red Rice Tea Jatiluwih

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MBA Bali Tours - Red rice tea

Red Rice tea agricultural production Jati Luwih village, Tabanan, Bali, many tourists, especially from China. Due to high demand of tourists from China, which are marketed in packaging is included writings speak Mandarin.

Brown rice tea has become one of the centers of attention in the event Interfood 2015 Bali in Nusa Dua. Travelers love with this brown rice tea. Good quality organic brown rice farming because Jati Luwih. Many tourists who buy as souvenirs to be brought into the country. Brown rice tea can be found in the market for souvenirs and limited store sales.

Marketing limitations due to production-quality brown rice tea to be still so few that still difficulties with raw material. One kilogram of brown rice tea for Rp 50,000 brown rice tea is healthier because it is rich in vitamin B1 and minerals. Drink red tea regularly can prevent indigestion. Suitable for diet, beauty, enhance the development of the brain, heart healthy, lower cholesterol and degenerative diseases.

Brown rice tea pleasure is felt when drinking it without sugar. However, it may also mix the sugar, it is advisable to use a mixture of palm sugar.

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