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Retired Supersonic Aircraft 2013

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In the 37 years ago, two Concorde supersonic jet to fly for the first time a commercial route. Two planes respectively Concorde takes off from London's Heathrow Airport and Orly Airport, Paris.
Flights from London will take passengers to Bahrain via the Persian Gulf. While the aircraft will fly from Paris to Rio de Janeiro via Senegal.

Page The History Channel revealed, with average speed, innovative Concorde aircraft capable of flying 1350 miles per hour, exceeding the sound barrier (sound barrier), and cut more than half the time of air travel. Concorde aircraft is the attainment of 12 years of effort to create a British-French supersonic commercial aircraft in the world.

However, the Concorde is not a great achievement. In the end, flying Concorde limited to transatlantic flights from London and Paris to New York.

In July 2000, the aircraft owned by airlines Air France Concorde fell 60 seconds after takeoff from Paris, killing 109 passengers and four people on the ground. The accident caused one of the tires burst and the plane made ​​a fuel tank leak, causing a fire that triggered the failure of the machine.

Fatal accident, which is the first incident in the history of Concorde, showing a decline in the quality of the aircraft. On October 24, 2003, Concorde underwent last regular commercial flight before being retired.

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