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Roast Pig "Babi Guling" Bali

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Roast Pig in Bali called Be Guling is a kind of food made from female or male piglets whose stomach filled with herbs and vegetables such as cassava leaves and then baked while playing around until cooked marked color change skin becomes brown and crisp. Initially pork roll was originally used for serving both the ceremony and ritual ceremonies, but now has been sold as pork dish bolsters both in the stalls, restaurants, and even certain hotels in Bali. Name Roast pig for Bali area be known as Be Guling. Actually bolsters can be made ​​from other types of meat such as duck and chicken. The most famous pork roll from Gianyar regency.

In Gianyar regency  there is one place that is very famous in Bali and even abroad serves roats pig shop named Ibu Oka Gianyar. Herb delicacy pigskin around, Ibu Oka is evidenced by the many visitors who come tasting stalls called "Warung Babi Guling Oka" located in front of the Puri Agung, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali. "If a normal day around 500 visitors enjoy the pork roll, while holiday visitors reached a thousand more.
Japanese tourists most like a typical Balinese food ingredients, pork roll is. "Residents of Japan's most widely enjoyed cooking pork rice roll they make, in addition to Japanese tourists such as Australia, United also fond of eating the typical foods that Balinese people. From the number of visits to sample pork rice roll that her work surface, predominantly foreigners than locals Bali. "Visit was dominated by foreign tourists, and do not miss a lot of domestic tourists do not miss the delights of traditional Balinese cuisine.

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